Multan and Rawalpindi ready to host HBL PSL 5 and PCB learning on thei

Feb 26, 2020

The audience has witnessed an astonishing beginning of HBL PSL 5 that began in Karachi and Lahore and now the excitement and thrill have moved toward other cities which includes Multan and Rawalpindi. Everyone is way too excited to observe the fantastic matches that will be held between the other two cities. Multan Sultan has set up their team ranking with Mohammad Irfan who is the fast bowler and they have setup Zeeshan Ashraf as the opening batsman and they both to the city parallel to Multan. Meanwhile Islamabad United have achieved the previous two trophies of HBL PSL and now they are playing at their level best to achieve another. Islamabad United have Shadab khan as their captain and Musa Khan from Rawalpindi have been designated as the Fast Bowler in the team. HBL PSL is all set to play three matches in the Multan city and the matches will be held on February 26, 28 and 29 meanwhile other 8 matches will be hosted by Rawalpindi and the dates are February 27, 28, 29 and March 1,2,5,7 and 8. Multan Sultan is excited to play matches in the home ground and in front of the people of their city Multan. The audience will have high expectation and they will be supporting with full energy as well. According to reports Muhammad Irfan’s and Zeeshan Ashraf’s families are anxious about the performance of the team and hopes for them to win the matches as well as the trophy. It would be the first time for their family to see them playing in front of them in the stadium of their home city. In another report brother of Muhammad Irfan has told the media that "Growing up, our parents commonly reprimanded Irfan for his involvement in cricket. His enthusiasm eventually supplanted all. We are all proud of him now. It makes me really happy to have all of the HBL PSL games in Pakistan transpire. I'm going to the stadium to back Irfan and his team.” Players from the team Islamabad United are ready to thrill their families In their home ground of Rawalpindi as captain Shadab khan and Musa Khan who is the pacer in the team are from Rawalpindi. In an interview with the media team Family of captain, Shadab khan has discussed with the media that "Shadab is an influential member of the national team in Pakistan and which makes me so proud. This was the HBL PSL where Shadab had first left an impression and made his ability to take note of the selectors and cricket experts. I myself to be a huge admirer and fan of Islamabad United and have still not missed a single match of theirs on television in the last four seasons,” On the other hand, PCB has discussed some of the weaknesses of the opening of HBL PSL 5. In the beginning, they thanked Karachi and Lahore for a very warm welcome to the team and their support. They have further clarified that hosting is a very big challenge and there are always shortcomings and learning when a strong and good profile is building up. They also encouraged Multan and Rawalpindi to get their tickets as soon as possible and do watch the match and support the cricket of their home country. When the audience is enthusiastic the players are much more motivated and ready to play even better/

Coronavirus Outbreak Spreading from China to Iran, Bahrain and Kuwait

Health & Wellness
Feb 26, 2020

The world is still not free from the treat of the coronavirus, even though China has set all precautionary measures to control this viral disease but the outbreak is very severe. Many have died already due to this virus but according to a recent report 71 more people have died from the coronavirus and a total of 2663 people have already become the victim of this fatal virus. The Hubei province is still in extreme danger because 508 new cases have been confirmed until now by the national health commission. Other provinces are doing much better as there are no more new cases that are being reported to the local hospitals. Although the World health organization has stated that Coronavirus is on a peak in China currently and the state is not out of danger. World health organization have also shared their remarks that the number of cases is declining day by day which means the outbreak have set on control by Chinese Medical Organizations.the warning for other countries is still at extreme because the number of cases in other countries is increasing. Iran has recently reported two death from the coronavirus and this has been made public by a media report if Tuesday. The total number of death from the infection cases that have been discovered until now in the Islamic Republic of Iran is 14 and they are the next highest infected country after china in the world. This virus has started to increase and spread at the ending of last year. In total 61 people have been infected from the fatal virus in Iran and the government is striving to reduce the risks and control this infection. All events which include concerts have been canceled and all educational institutions have been instructed to close until any further notice. New cases have also been reported from Bahrain and Kuwait and the suspects have recently visited Iran. Three people have been detected from the total number of 700 people who have been shifted to Iran as a result of eviction from the City of Mashhad in Iran. The ages of infected people are 53 years old Kuwaiti, 61 years old Saudi and 21 years old with an uncleared nationality. The Saudi and Kuwaiti have shown no clear symptoms of the virus until now but they are under observation but the 21-year-old person has shown the symptoms that are at initial stages. All countries are trying to control the virus as much as possible by implementing number of precautionary means and due to the result of precautions, the number of death tolls has decreased as compared from the beginning. China is continuing its struggle to fight this novel problem and this has also caused a huge impact on their economic activities. China is one of the world’s second-largest economy which is stagnant and the trade is also affecting other countries' economies because many countries are dependent on Chinese products. Ten million people are in a lockdown and they are not allowed to enter or leave the Hubei province because this place as known to be the origin of the virus. There is also a concern for the hospital and prisons precautionary measures because 323 coronavirus cases have been reported from the Hubei prison and 279 cases from the Wuhan Women’s Prison.

Indo-Pak Peace talk urged by President Trump

Politics & Government
Feb 24, 2020

President Donald Trump has appealed to India to promote and maintain a peaceful environment with their nuclear-armed rival Pakistan. United States president has given this statement specifically for the matter of Line of Control in Kashmir and this is increasing the tension in the territories of both countries. President Trump has arrived in New Delhi this Monday and for the last two days, he was focused on the improvement of strategic associations among two countries. In his maiden trip to the world, U.S. president and wife Melania will fly to Gujarat's home state of Narendra Modi to attend an event in a stadium along the lines of the extravaganza "Howdy Modi" held in Houston last September in which the two presidents made a shared appearance. President Trump has given directives to media in an interview about his trip to India. He shared his mandate that the United States is very eager to end all hardship between two nations and all matter should be reported as soon as possible because it is only causing a sense of tension. There are no political or economic gains from the scuffle of two states but concluding it would be beneficial for New Delhi and Islamabad. He was asked by the reporters about his contribution to resolving the issues of Kashmir matter among India and Pakistan and would be the part of the issue resolver. President Trump has given surety that he would be one of those who would aid both countries to improve their bilateral ties. Bilateral ties can only be improved when both countries are ready to contribute their parts related to the peace treaty as it can be only because of the two-sided efforts. Pakistan is being provoked by the Indian army to unleash Pakistani soldiers on the Indian borders after the airstrike by the Indian warplanes inside the territory of Pakistan. This happened in February 2019 and Pakistan was forced to retaliate to defend their bored. Pakistan is a nuclear-armed state and such attacks at LOC will be the verge of another war. The tension between two nations has exceeded after the Hindu nationalist Government of Modi has forcefully occupied the Himalayan region and imposed the self-governance by locking their political leader in the jails and obtruded a communication blackout. Whole Pakistan has given India a well-built reaction on their inhumane activities. This also made the international community and human right organizations to see what India is doing by exploiting the rules and regulations that any state should follow. United nation has given their offer to Indian along with Donald trump but India is resistant to solve any peace killing issues. India is not ready to mediate until now and they are not contributing in any way for the bilateral stresses as this issue can be an initial point to start a war by India. President Trump has raised his concern about the minority rights that have been violated in the Indian occupied Kashmir and how India has imposed the military lock-down in the territory. Trump will now further talk about the political and democratic freedom that the two countries hold and how both countries also have religious freedom. This will be discussed at the conference held on the upcoming Friday.

Pakistan in the Grey-list by FATF and extension grant

Politics & Government
Feb 22, 2020

The FATF has finally decided to lend some more time to Pakistan in which they can complete their 27 action plans of the development. Previously all governments that have come into power have failed to fulfill the requirements of FATF and Pakistan was dragged into a grey area for not performing well on the tasks. Some actionable points are mandatory to work on as per the requirement of the financial action task force. The watchdogs of the FATF have decided to extend the deadline of Pakistan after that they will be out of the list. They have been given an extension based on some major consequential devotion relating to the terrorism elimination in which they were being financed plus curbing the money laundering. Pakistan has to retain its status by complying with the FATF’s requirement and they have to submit the documents after accomplishing the leftover points. Pakistan has been granted four months and after that, another evaluation process will be conducted and if all the points are achieved Pakistan will be out of the grey list but currently, Pakistan is in the Greylist. The deadline will be ended in June 2020 and mostly the points that are not achieved until now are related to the risk management of terror financing. Numerous efforts have been made by Pakistan to improve its counter-terrorism financing program, acknowledged by the vast majority of FATF members at its most recent plenary meeting held in Paris on 20 February, Chinese Foreign Minister spokesman Geng Shuang told a daily briefing in Beijing. India would be disappointed by the decision of FATF and granting Pakistan an extension of four-month. They have tried their best to lobby in the global media that Pakistan would not be able to come off the blacklist ever and India has also reported that the Chinese Stance will be shifted now at FATF. Although the position of China will not change and this was told to reporters by the Chinese spokesperson. He further clarified that Pakistan has got an extension on their time limit in which they can complete their leftover points of the action plan. The FATF has come into existence to control the issues of money laundering in a country and they work to develop such sets of policies that hinder such illegal actions in any country. This is the second time when Pakistan has been granted an extension of four months. The FATF helps the company by opening the pipeline of finances by welcoming international creditors. When Pakistan will fully avoid the FATF blacklisting threat further aid from IMF will also be guaranteed. There are still some other requirements of IMF that also need to be fulfilled by Pakistan. The current government is working endlessly and if they continue to work in the same way the action plans will be more achievable. All of the progress is due to the risk-based supervision and global and local cooperations have been pursued to identify the cash couriers. This statement was reported in the meeting of FATF. There was little chance that Pakistan would be blacklisted at this month's FATF plenary meeting because of commitments by the Pakistani civilian and military leadership to plug the gaps in fighting terror financing and money laundering. But at the same time, Pakistan hadn't expected an alert.

Opening of HBL PSL 5 2020 and Quetta Gladiators victory against Islama

Feb 21, 2020

Karachi national stadium has hosted the opening ceremony of HBL PSL 5. It started off with lots of fireworks all around the stadium which was a beautiful sight for the audience. The tournament's first match was between Quetta Gladiators and Islamabad United. The opening match was in the favor of Quetta and they won it by playing beautifully against Islamabad. Mohammad Hasnain achieved four wickets in a single drag and Azam Khan scored half-century which was his very first have assisted Quetta gladiators to defend their title against Islamabad United. This defense helped them to win with three wickets in the opening match of HBL PSL 5 2020 which is held at the National Stadium of Karachi. Hasnain has not let four batman score more than 25 runs in four overs and this played a very important role in bowling out the Islamabad united. Islamabad United was able to score only 168 until their 19.1 overs and then Sarfraz Ahmed Captain of Quetta Gladiators decided to bowl against Islamabad united. Ben cutting and Sohail khan have selected the Right-arm pacer style for bowling and this helped them to achieve three and two wickets on an individual basis. Dawid Malan was able to score 64 runs by 40 balls and he is the top-scoring player of Islamabad inited. The crowd got excited when he hit 5 fours and 3 sixes similarly Luke Ronchi has scored the second-best innings by scoring 23 runs off 13 balls who is apparently wicketkeeper and batsman. The target was pretty easily chased by the Quetta Gladiators who were able to achieve it by sparing nine balls. Azam khan has been playing his second T20 and he scored 59 with 33 balls and hit 5 fantastic fours and 3 sixes. Mohammad Nawaz has scored 23 runs with 13 balls and cutting has obtained undefeated 12 with 22 balls in the match. The Islamabad United player Musa khan who is also a Pakistani international has got 3 wickets for 34 runs with maiden bowling of four overs in his turn. Other players who took one wicket each were Faheem Ashraf, Akif Javed, and Amad Butt. Hasnain got the title of the man of the match as he exceptionally exploited the ball by taking most wickets. The Next matches of the tournament are scheduled as the next match will be between Karachi Kings and Peshawar Zalmi in National Stadium Karachi. The other followed up match which will be the third match of the tournament will be between Lahore Qalandars and Multan sultans and it will be held in Qaddafi Stadium Lahore. The score sheet briefing includes the following results: Islamabad united - total scoring 168, all-out, total overs played are 19.1 overs David Malan scored 64, Luke Ronchi scored 23, Faheem Ashraf scored 20, Mohammad Hasnain scored 25 and got 4 wickets, Ben cutting scored 31 and got 3 wickets and the last one Sohail khan scored 21 and got 2 wickets. Quetta gladiators - total scoring 171, 7 out, total overs played are 18.3 overs Azam khan scored 59 runs, Mohammad Nawaz scored 23, Ben cutting scored 22 and he was a not out, Sarfraz Ahmed scored 21 and the last one Mohammad Musa Scored 30 runs and got 3 wickets. As the final synopsis of the match, Quetta Gladiators won by three wickets.

Inflation controlling schemes in planning by Govt

Business & Finance
Feb 20, 2020

Day by day inflation is increasing which means prices of commodities are going higher but the purchasing power of an individual is still low. This situation has created disequilibrium in the economy of Pakistan. The government in power is receiving major criticism of not maintaining economic stability. The federal authority is planning to control inflation in various ways to improve the market circulation as soon as possible. Some of the major areas of change will import tax reduction. As taxes are fairly very high on imports it is causing the prices of import commodities to rise up in multiple figures. Pakistan is yet not an independent country to fully rely on its own production and imports are a necessity for the survival of the economy. The mass economy is currently under the burden of expensive commodities and PM Imran khan is eager to control it for the ease of civilians. Multiple meetings have taken place at the ministry of finance, the ministry of planning and the Prime minister’s house in the last week. It was reported that Jahangir Tareen was also present at the meeting who is known to be the ex- PTI secretary-general. The national price monitoring committee has met with Naveed Kamran Baloch the finance secretary. Stakeholders were also chaired by the prime minister’s advisor in a separate meeting. Another meeting was chaired by Asad Umar who is the current Planning minister and the meeting evolved around the rising prices on Friday. It was instructed in the meeting that price control is the responsibility of every province hence it is mandatory for every province to control it as all essential commodities are getting expensive day by day. Efforts are to made by every province to contribute their part in establishing control on essential commodity prices. They also added that the holy month of Ramazan is almost here and every provincial government needs to be well prepared for the price control and the federal government is ready to assist in every way so help can be asked from them for facilitation. Some of the measures that the government is planning to take include the withholding of taxes, reducing the sales tax, lowering the tax rate of imports and also lowering down the prices of many locally produced commodities. Another method is recommended in the meeting was to reduced the sales tax rate on the essential goods. Their measures are in the planning phase and it is expected to release a notice which will help the public in upcoming days. Prime minister Imran Khan has acknowledged the issues of a common man and he is giving his best to release the burden quoted by Naveed Kamran Baloch in the meeting. Prime minister has also stressed for those who are involved in the hoarding activities as the hoarding activities induce an artificial shortage of goods in the market and later on when demand is on its peak, the hoarders sell it on very high prices. All authorities are on high alert and anyone who failed will be held accountable. The government is striving to stop all illegal activities of hoarding and profiteering as they are some of the major causes of creating inflation in the economy. The monitoring system is established by Asad Umar which will control the prices of wheat, flour, sugar, edible oil/ghee, onions, pulses, potatoes, and other essential commodities and the check will be applicable to all provinces.

Unidentified Gas Leakage in Keamari, 14 died and dozen fighting for su

Current Affairs
Feb 19, 2020

An FIR has been registered against the Gas leak in the keamari which has increased the death toll to 14 and dozens have been injured reported by the local hospitals. The gas has leaked from unidentified sources and now chemical and nuclear specialist has been called in the team to look for the reason and safeguard the area as soon as possible. The last three days have risked many lives and still many are in danger. The appointed team has to investigate at their full to find the suspect of the case as this is happening in a residential area and many lives are still at stake. The area that has been affected the most includes Bhutta village, Tara Chand road, Jackson Market and GR Railway Colony. The Karachi Port trust’s gate 5 has been blocked by the protestors and they are blaming the administration. The protestors are holding the administration responsible for the negligence that took so many lives in one go and they are also demanding the resignation of the maritime affairs minister and KPT’s chairperson. There is a huge traffic jam on the route to Karachi Port Trust and all surrounding areas are also congested with traffic and protestors. There are no reports until now about the local medical camps established by the government to overcome any unpleasant event. Many households have been forced to evacuate the area on an emergency basis but with self-help and they have gone to their relatives to save their lives. All schools have stopped their operation and closed until any further notice. Karachi’s south district hospitals are on high alert to deal with any sort of causality. Later on, the Chief Minister of Sindh Murad Ali Shah has also instructed the residents of Keamari to move out as soon as possible. This announcement was done after Monday’s night meeting and the other meeting held on Tuesday in with the chief minister has shared his disappointment related to delayed evacuation. He felt sorrow to know that most of the evacuation has not yet started and people are still residing in their localities which can hurt their health and staying there could be a threat to their life. The real cause of the case is still unknown and the sources have stated that this leakage occurred during the chemical offloading from a cargo ship that was anchored that the Keamari jetty. These claims have not been accepted by the Karachi port trust’s chairperson Read Admiral Jamil Akhtar and after the inspection of the berths and terminals, no pieces of evidence can be spotted. He also defended his self by saying that if the gas leak is from the port then the workers over here would not have been survived and all workers are doing well. It is also reported that the foul smell decreased in the daylight but as soon the night approaches the smell starts to get more pungent and causes difficulty in breathing for anyone who is nearby. Some patients have been discharged from the hospital after providing them with suitable treatment but many are still have difficulty breathing so they are using ventilates to help them breathe properly. Currently, the Sindh government’s main focus is to evacuate residents immediately and they have also hired various teams who are working to find the main cause of the incident.

Unsatisfactory progress of Pakistan’s $73 million water project

Politics & Government
Feb 17, 2020

The last three Pakistani Governments have completely failed to manage a small project with a budget of $73 million on schedule. It is pending from the past 12 years and no management handling the water resources of the Indus River Basin. The world bank has declared its dissatisfaction related to the water sector capacity building and the Services project for the Advisory. They are not hopeful for the scheme revival and not happy with the past results as well. In 2008 the scheme was approved by the Washington based lender and it was expected that the project will be completed in the second month 2014 which is February and later on it was also extended to 2021. This week the reports of world bank have been made public and available for everyone to see the progress on the water sector capacity building and advisory Services project. The reason for being unsatisfactory is due to no visible progress in the project in the past years. The report states that the project has demanded some financial extensions which were approved in 2015 but later on the work progress was near to nothing and all schedules were disturbed and nothing completed on time. The targets were unable to meet and the remaining project has to implement in a shorter time. The banks involved have to do the correction of the amount and the agencies agreed to implement it in June 2019. Three political parties are ruling over Pakistan from many past years who are the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, the Pakistan Peoples Party (2008-13) and Pakistan Muslim League - Nawaz (2013-18). The PTI government has taken over the control of the management of the ministry of water resources and now they also have a separate division. Previously these projects were overseen and it caused a lack of progress from 2008 till 2018. The past 12 years have caused huge delays and these all are due to the ill governance of the bureaucracy and executions were poorly done. No targets have been achieved until now but still, $ 40.7 million have been spent from the amount of loan of $ 73 million which is described by the world bank report. Pakistan is known to be a water deficit country and these plans were established to increase the economic capabilities of the country by fully using the scare resources and to enhance the governance and technical efficiencies. The World Bank has further provided a $38 million loan by approving it after observing the need for investment. It is expected that It will improve the governance of the management and the water resources of the Indus River will be utilized properly. The first three years showed very slow progress but the loan granted might speed up the work in the future. The project design has been improved and seven decision tools have been created to manage the various water resources. The data related to the water balance and flow is not disclosed to the public and it is the decision of the world bank on not disclosing some information to everyone. There is a huge need for updating the capacity of Federal Flood commission that will help the government to manage the floods. A plan has been created to improve the tools that will be used for the operations and management of the project.