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Scheme 33 Karachi Continues To Attract Investors

Feb 08, 2020

Scheme 33 is the crown jewel of Karachi’s real estate market for a number of reasons. When people look to invest in real estate, they put into consideration a number of factors; such as the location, price point, access to basic necessities as well as their return on investment. Scheme 33 ticks all those boxes. Read on to know why.

Ideal Location

Also known as Gulzar e Hijri, Scheme 33 couldn’t have been located more ideally. In essence, Scheme 33 encompasses a host of different societies; namely Teacher’s Society, Saadi Garden, Saadi Town, Pakistan Scientists Cooperative Housing Society, Rufi Pearl City, among others.

All these societies are well within the metropolitan city and offer a secure and peaceful living experience. They are duly approved by the KDA and people are coming in droves to purchase plots as well as houses. Scheme 33 comprises of 54 sectors in total, and almost all of them are linked to Gulistan e Jauhar and Malir Cantonment.

The society accommodates a number of high profile educational institutes, medical centers, mosques, banks and every other facility you come to associate with a modern housing project.

What are the Best Societies in Scheme 33 to Invest in?

1. Pakistan Scientists Cooperative Society:

According to consumer interest, the Pak Scientists Cooperative Housing Society is the most sought-after project. It is at a drive of just 15 minutes and 20 minutes from Johar and Gulshan respectively. This society is promoted as the face of Scheme 33 and features state of the art facilities; such as 24/7 security, recreational parks, mini fountain etc.

However, there is one strange stipulation attached to it. One of your family members should have tertiary education (Masters or above), otherwise, you won’t be allowed to purchase a plot. Another condition that renders it exclusive is that you cannot sell your plot before a year. This policy serves to ensure buyers do not rush into selling their plots.

Here is the payment schedule for Pakistan Scientists’ Society:

2. Rufi Pearl City Bungalows:

There is nothing more convenient than moving into a ready-made house that has all the amenities and luxuries you always dreamed of. Rufi Pearl City, according to experts is one of the safest investment opportunities out there for investors.

Upon viewing this society firsthand, we can totally vouch for it. Spread over 120, 150 and 200 square yards, there are more than 200 complete houses up for sale, while another 400 will be finished soon. They are the perfect alternative to DHA City and Bahria Town’s more expensive houses. Below are the prices according to bungalow size:

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