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Laws Safeguarding Rights of Pakistani Property Owners

Oct 02, 2019


Although things seem mismanaged and disorderly in our dear country, there are laws in place that govern all aspects of ownership of property in Pakistan. These laws cover buying and selling of real estate in Pakistan. As a property owner, you should know these laws.

 The Transfer of Property Act, 1882

The Transfer of Property Act of 1882 is the oldest law that is still being followed regarding the real estate in Pakistan. This Act explains how properties can be transferred, what types of properties are transferable, and people who are permitted to transfer properties.

 The Stamp Act, 1899

The Stamp Act of 1899 is a very widely used law that incorporates that all legal documents must be published on Stamp papers issued by the Government of Pakistan. These stamp papers are deemed of a certain value, the revenue of which goes to the government. The stamp papers also validate any transaction that may be carried out.

The Registration Act, 1908

The Registration Act of 1908 is a very comprehensive law that encompasses all aspects of registration of property in Pakistan. It comprises of 15 Sections that describe these details completely. This Act applies to all areas of Pakistan except a few districts.

The Land Revenue Act, 1967

The Land Revenue Act of 1967 describes the overall structure and progressive system of the land and revenue department of Pakistan. The Act additionally gives clear rules on collecting land income. The rudimentary issues of partition of land, marking of boundaries, settlements, and conducting surveys also part of the Land Revenue Act of 1967.

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