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Best Apps for Healthy Lifestyle

Mar 23, 2020

In today’s modern and technologically advanced society, almost every person regardless of his or her age owns a smartphone. So why not use that smartphone to have better health and lifestyle? Here are a few apps that can help you maintain a healthy life:


Health starts with eating food that is beneficial for your body, and the MyFitnessPal app is a good way to make sure that you are giving your body the healthiest food it needs. The app provides its users to keep a food diary, by which they can track their food with simple logging options like barcode scanning and it provides door to one of the world's largest health and fitness communities to help users stay committed to their nutrition and fitness goals.

Map My Run

One of the most exciting thing about walking or jogging is that you do not need a gym membership to do it; you can just put on your shoes and go. The Map My Run app makes exercising in an outdoor environment easy by allowing users to track and map their workout. The app also has features to track cycling, cross-training, yoga and a lot more workout routines. Another marvelous feature of this app is that you can scroll through other mapped runs and walks in your area to find new and unexplored routes to discover. 


With an aim to help people around the globe, the Noom app provides a platform for people who wish to lead a healthier life through behavior change. Noom app aids its users in setting goals and stay motivated, log food with the just a swipe, keep a track of weight loss and gradually master healthy habits. The Noom app also includes additional functions, like it provides facts and studies that can help you understand why you have certain eating habits.


Mental health is the most crucial component of physical health; this is where the Calm app comes in. The calm app is among the most popular apps on iTunes and it is considered as the No. 1 health and fitness app. The calm app gives its users a splendid experience of meditation and sleeps stories, breathing exercises to help them relax, and a collection of calm and peaceful music.

Beachbody on Demand

Beachbody on Demand is a fitness and nutrition app that provides its users access to various workout and nutrition programs. There are short but intense workout routines offered in the app which can be completed in as little as 10 minutes with minimal or even no equipment. There are many workouts to choose from in the Beachbody app, which includes strength training, cardio, dance, mixed martial arts and much more.


The MINDBODY app provides its users a platform to choose from the best fitness classes, spa treatments, and salon appointments and is an extravagant app to have if you are a traveler but still want to maintain a regular fitness class schedule.

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