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5 Things To Consider Before Renting A House

Feb 08, 2020

Moving into a new house is always a challenge. However, if you pay heed to a few important things, moving in will become a lot easier. Remember, as a tenant you have certain rights and obligations which you have to adhere to. In this blog, we share 5 tips that will benefit you in the long run as a tenant.

Pay Attention To The Paperwork 

After viewing the property, the first thing you need to do is to go over the paperwork thoroughly. If you are not familiar with property agreement jargon, then bring an expert. Often times, there could be stipulations that you might find unacceptable, so keep your eyes open.

I remember once we were moving into this 400 sq. yard property in Gulistan e Johar, we mutually agreed upon everything, except one. So, we brought our cats along the day we moved in, and this ruffled the feathers of the landlord. He went on a tirade about their families’ disgust with animals.

Anyways, long story short, it got ugly and we had to terminate the agreement. The point here is that the landlord had never mentioned anything about pets whatsoever. So, it was their fault. Hence, read every clause in the agreement before signing it.

Look for Repairs

Make sure if the property requires any repairs, you mention them in the agreement. If there is a creaking door or a leaky sink, you bring that into the notice of the landlord – in writing. Before paying the deposit sum and signing the agreement, make sure your portion is habitable.

Your Safety Comes First 

Carefully review the rental document and gauge if it protects your family’s rights – such as safety and access to necessities. Ask the landlord about the society union and their responsibilities. Check if the property is vulnerable to intrusion, and if the main gates are sturdy and secure.

One of my friends moved into a very posh area in Karachi only to find out that he will have to pay separately to the society union. Also, ask from the residents if the area or property has been subjected to robbery or any other criminal activities in the past.

Know When To Move Out 

This is probably the most important point to consider. Your landlord might have included a clause in the agreement that says you cannot move out before 6 or so months, without notice. Consult your family about such a clause.

Similarly, if you want to move out, give at least a notice of 3 months to your landlord, so they have sufficient time to find another tenant and return your security deposit.

Communication Is Key

Try to live in peace and harmony with your landlord. Do not engage in unnecessary conflicts. If there is a problem, sort it out via communication. Also, try to mingle with your neighbors on the regular. Remember, as a tenant you are new to everyone, so make a good impression early.

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