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Property Registration Procedure in Karachi

1 month ago

How to Get Your Property Registered in Karachi

It is not much of a hassle to have your property registered in Pakistan. While we get that it can be hard when you have to run back and forth between government offices, it is usually the lack of information about the process that makes it much more complicated than it is. You just need to know what you should be doing to have your property registered, and what paperwork you should arrange.

As noted, the registration process might not be complicated, but it does require you to invest some cash and a bit of your time. Let’s dive into the Property Registration Procedure for your understanding.

Step 1:

First, you must obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC), which is also known as a Sales Certificate. It will take a week and will only cost you around 500PKR.

Step: 2

Next, you will have to conduct title research for business online. It will just take a day and is free of cost.

Step: 3

After you finish the title research, construct either a sale or a purchasing agreement using the free standardized online templates provided. This step will take only a day.

Step: 4

Next, you will be required to pay for stamp duty and the property registration fee. This step takes a day to complete and you are required to pay a total amount of 341,558PKR.

Step: 5

Take the payment receipt to the stamp office. You can get it on the same day and will not cost any extra charges.

Step: 6

The execution and registration of the deed (sale/purchase) must be conducted in the final stage before the sub-registrar. It will take approximately three days to complete, and your estate will be registered.

However, keep in mind that the process duration of Pakistan Property Registration takes about 14 days and you will also need an amount of 342,058PKR to get your property registered in Karachi.

On another note, if you're planning to purchase a property in Pakistan, you should know that your research will make all the difference. It will help you find the right property in the right place with all the facilities you need.

Look up the online listings of properties at various locations, projects or housing schemes and compare their rates. Read the details, and go through any given images and videos. You can also contact the agents/owners who have listed their properties to discuss your options through call or email.

After you find a few good options, visit the sites in person. This will help you better decide how good the location is, and you can also explore any nearby facilities. Don’t forget to check out the online portal for Pakistan Property Registration in Pakistan to make sure that you are not getting into a scam.

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