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Onwards and Upwards to a Digital Pakistan

Onwards and Upwards to a Digital Pakistan

While the rest of the world is facing the full force of Digital, Pakistan is slowly but surely catching up with the pack. Acknowledging the importance of digital media in our lives and the bright future it has in store, PM Imran Khan invited Tania Aidrus, a former Google executive to lead Digital Pakistan. Tania is no stranger to Pakistan, in fact, she was born here before embarking on a journey to some of the most elite schools abroad. Soon, she landed a job at Google and served as their Chief of Staff and Head of Strategic Initiatives on the Next Billion Users (NBU). Before her breakthrough at Google, she co-founded a tech startup by the name of Click Diagnostics, which bridged patients from the country side to doctors and specialists. Upon the request of Pakistan’s premier, she left her job a few months ago to spearhead the Digital Pakistan initiative. Tania is determined to put Pakistan on the map, and with her knowledge and credentials, she is the ideal fit to lead the charge. A Glistening Future Ahead In her speech, Tania lauded PM Imran Khan’s initiative to kickstart Pakistan’s foray into digital. "A person I knew told the prime minister about me and he forwarded an email to his reform team to contact me," she said. "Over the next course of months, I was in contact with Mr. Jahangir Tareen and members of the federal cabinet. I even met the president before I met Prime Minister Imran and discussed the project," she stated. Furthermore, she identified 5 key areas where Pakistanis and diaspora nationals can contribute. Tania also stressed that tertiary education in Pakistan needs to amp up its game; and that the current curriculum does not accommodate the fundamentals of digital technology. She also pointed out that Pakistan procured in excess of 3 trillion last year alone in digital. The signs definitely look good, only a direction is needed. The New Paradigm The use of digital technology is rapid among millennials in Pakistan. In fact, a lot of offices and co-working spaces you see here are occupied by digital marketing enthusiasts who aspire to emulate the examples of JWT and Ogilvy. Now, if we look at it in terms of real estate, the demand is definitely growing. More and more digital startups are springing up, and it goes without saying they need a space to work in – an environment which fosters creativity. Digital is here and its not going anywhere anytime soon. We can expect to see investments from digital heads into the real estate market. With Digital Pakistan on the horizon, these are exciting times for Pakistanis.

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Pakistan Set to Leverage Dubai Expo to Reinvigorate Property Market

Pakistan Set to Leverage Dubai Expo to Reinvigorate Property Market

All eyes will be on the United Arab Emirates as the Dubai expo is less than a year away. Touted as the greatest exhibition on Earth, the expo will be a game changer in the region. Experts and enthusiasts predict the grand carnival to open more than 270,000 jobs as well as an economic boom of more than $40 billion for the U.A.E. As a strategic partner of the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan is also poised to take part in the Expo and recently, Prime Minister Imran Khan vowed to get rid of precious under-utilized property at the expo. The statement is in line with PM’s vision of austerity; and till now, this approach is paying rich dividends – given the vast improvement in the country’s economic conditions. Striding towards a Naya Pakistan Imran Khan is known for having intense and tedious discussions on national matters every Tuesday with his team members. In one of the latest meetings, the premier signaled his troops to leverage the upcoming Dubai Expo and sell the unutilized properties. This is certainly a praiseworthy effort, as it will not only help our economy but open doors for investors to put money in the country. It is reported that the funds generated from the sale will be spent on public welfare projects – with special focus on the underprivileged classes. “Utilization of properties worth billions of rupees will help generate funds which will be spent by the government on public welfare schemes such as schools, colleges, hospitals. It is an important component of the government’s policy”, said the premier. Ghosts of the Past It was brought in the knowledge of the Prime Minister that corruption and negligence on part of the previous governments led to the under-utilization of valuable government properties. It is shocking to understand that despite having properties in surplus, the government institutions bear losses in billions every year. These lavish properties have certainly become ghosts of the past, and Imran Khan is right to absolve the taxpayer of bearing their heavy costs. The meeting, which was attended by PTI’s top officials, culminated with Khan warning to take strict actions against officials who would prevent the government’s action.

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What Moody’s Investor Ranking Means for Pakistan

What Moody’s Investor Ranking Means for Pakistan

At the start of December, Moody’s published a report in which they elevated Pakistan’s standing from negative to stable – restoring the country’s B3 status. Now, what is Moody’s and why should their ranking affect the overall mood of Pakistanis? Read on. If you are a financial geek, then you might definitely know about them. But if you’re not, then allow us to enlighten you. Moody’s Corporation is one of the leading financial entities in the world; that lends its expertise of credit rating worldwide, among other services. In layman terms, the organization analyzes and ranks the creditworthiness of borrowers using meticulous protocols. Their rating scales help investors in making decisions. Pakistan Climbs the Ladder in Moody’s Investors Service Ratings Moody’s Corporation assigns an investors service rating – ranging from Aaa to C. The company announced on Monday that Pakistan has jumped from negative to a positive B3. The improvement of ranking comes on the back of bold economic initiatives taken by the government to reduce the deficit in balance of payments as well as repayments of loans. The organization’s key people visited Pakistan last month and acknowledged Pakistan’s stabilizing economy and the capacity to avert serious event risks. The game changer here is the country’s policy on imports. Import Policies – The Game Changer Since the appointment of Abdul Hafeez Shaikh as chief economist and aide to Prime Minister on financial matters, it appears the present government has changed its outlook on the nation’s economic matters. Strict monetary terms and the slap of import tariff on luxury goods has vastly helped the local economy to grow. No wonder Pakistan Stock Exchange is on an upward trajectory since the last two months. The reason is plain simple, the current economic situation is satisfactory to investors. Also, there happens to be no impending fines or sanctions from the IMF, so investors are keeping a close eye on the economic developments in Pakistan. Takeaways from Recent Improvements in the Economic Landscape Pakistan looks set to reduce inflation by the end of the current fiscal year. Foreign reserves are at a stable $8-9 billion dollars; henceforth, the scenario is tailor made for medium to big sized investors to lay out money on the most risk-free industries – such as real estate, hotels, restaurants and leisure or possibly digital advertising; given the exposure IT is getting in Pakistan. Nevertheless, the signs look good, Pakistan is finally on the track of economic stability. Macroeconomic steadfastness with less vulnerabilities on the external account are the drivers to an economically prosperous Pakistan.

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