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DHA city Karachi location features and plots

DHA city Karachi location features and plots

DHA CITY KARACHI DHA City Karachi (DCK) is the largest real estate company of the Defense Housing Authority, which covers more than 20,000 hectares of land on the Karachi-Hyderabad Super Highway, about 35 km from Jinnah International Airport. As it is located approximately 56 km from the city center, it is also connected to other phases of the DHA project by the Malir Highway Project, which will be reached in 20 minutes by car via the Malir Highway. Aims: The project aims to establish a modern city in the suburbs of Karachi with a modern, safe and comfortable living environment for one million inhabitants of DHA City Karachi. DHA City Karachi currently has less than half of the projects under development, so we expect a modern city. DHA Karachi is currently experiencing a rapid development of quality. Over the past three years, DCK has delivered remarkable interventions that have added a new dimension and value to the project. MASTER PLAN: DCK's master plan includes two theme parks, a golf course, DHA Suffa University, the IBA campus, the ShaukatKhanam Research, and Medical Center, Dow Medical University, a state-of-the-art liver transplant center, 20 high schools, and 40 schools. The reference project is running. All these exciting and wonderful interventions are indeed a tribute to the credibility of DHA as a strong organization in the field of housing and development in the country.

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Do you know the etiquette for home inspection for buyers

Do you know the etiquette for home inspection for buyers

Buyers have to visit a number of properties so they have to expect a lot before they find one. While it is time for the seller to be good enough to impress you, it does not mean that you are being too careless with your behavior. If you are too focused to get what you want at any cost, you may be arrogant to the buyer, which can cost you a hunt for your dream home. So you stay professional and in great shape at any time and on any ad. Being Punctual: Being punctual and always punctual is a sign of respect for the time of the seller. Do not be too late than the agreed time and call to confirm your arrival. Few serious and uncontrollable circumstances can cause delays, but it is unacceptable to brief the owner at the last minute. It looks good to call the seller before leaving for the tour. So you should definitely be on time. Do not take anything with you - not even Photos: Do I have to say that you should not even think about taking something from home? You cannot do that, but if you bring children, make sure your children do not examine everything and put things in their pockets. The only thing you can take is photos, but you must first ask and obtain the seller's permission. If the seller does not want you to interfere with privacy, you should not mind and go fuss-free. If he allows it, you should inquire about the privacy concerns and take photos accordingly. Leave nothing behind: The seller will endeavor to make the house cluttered, spotless, thoroughly cleaned, odorless and shiny for potential buyers, and you are expected to leave the house as it was before you entered. Do not take small children, drinks or food. Also, make sure that your children do not leave any marks on the floor. If the house is carpeted or you wear socks, you should leave the shoes at the entrance. Keep the Goal in your Mind: Serious buyers who plan to buy a home need to see every corner of the house and can end up visiting every corner of the property. However, go around the house with a clear goal and do not waste time. Therefore, it is important to take notes before leaving the house about the things you want to check. Keep the notes and move around the house with specific goals. Do not say rude things: When it comes to spending your hard-earned money on real estate, it is acceptable to express your serious concerns about the home, but it is better not to comment on the homeowner's decor, style, and tastes. If you do not like the color on the walls of the living room or if the pictures do not suit your taste, it is better to keep the comments for you. That's because these things can easily be changed once you've bought the property. Therefore, it is better not to offend the seller by commenting on his personal preferences.

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Pakistan Best Property Agent Portal Best Art Galleries in Karachi

Pakistan Best Property Agent Portal Best Art Galleries in Karachi

The Karachi art scene continues to evolve and suffers from a lack of connection to the international art scene. However, there are several contemporary art galleries that do their best to preserve the art of famous Pakistani masters and support the best new-generation artists. Learn more about Pakistan's up-and-coming art scene with our selection of best interesting art galleries in Karachi. Chawkandi Art (Block 9, Clifton Karachi, Sindh): The British art critic and journalist Marjorie Hussain moved to Karachi in the early 1960s, when she was still an art student. Of course, when she arrived, she got in touch with the thriving local art scene at a time when there was little opportunity to sell works of art. But only a few years later, the economic growth of the city opened an art market, which consolidated in the following decades. Ms. Hussain opened the Chawkandi Art in the 1980s, her deep knowledge of Karachi's art scene and Pakistani art, in general, is key to the gallery's program of high-quality exhibits that make Chawkandi Art one of the best contemporary art galleries in the city. Mohatta Palace (7HatimAlvi Road, Block 5, Old Clifton Karachi): The Mohatta Palace was built in 1927 as the summer residence of a wealthy businessman who named the palace after him. The building's unique design was inspired by the majestic residences of the rulers of the Rajput clan, using yellow Gizri stones, a quarter of Karachi, and pink stones from Jaipur, India's Pink City. The palace was purchased in 1995 by the government of Sindh, the region in which Karachi is located and it was then stated that it had become a place to celebrate the traditional, decorative arts of Pakistan. Canvas Art(Block 4 Clifton, Kehkashan, Karachi): Canvas Art is one of Pakistan's leading art galleries dedicated to helping aspiring artists from across the country. The gallery deals with modern, miniature and contemporary art and has a collection of over 1,000 objects from 100 different Pakistani artists. It is a great destination for those who want to know more about the current state of Pakistani art. In addition to the permanent collection, Canvas Art shows two exhibitions each month. Recent exhibitions have featured works by Muhammad Zeeshan, a talented and internationally recognized miniature painter and NaziaEjaz, whose paintings depict colorful urban landscapes and rickshaws inspired by urban life, Lahore, her hometown. VM Art(Dhoraji, Cp& Berar Chs Karachi): Founded in 1987, VM Art Gallery is based on the experience of a community center that teaches women. Since then, the gallery has become a reference point for the contemporary art scene in Karachi and across the country. VM Art is a nonprofit gallery whose authentic mission is to promote Pakistani artists in Pakistan and around the world through frequent collaboration with international cultural institutions. The gallery houses a permanent collection of works of art from the exhibitions that have taken place over the years. This includes over 400 works, including paintings, sculptures, and ceramics. India Valley School Gallery(Block 2, Scheme 5, Clifton Karachi): The Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture is an important school in Karachi for art students offering programs in the fine arts, humanities, textile design, architecture, and others. Similar to many other educational institutions around the world, the school has its own gallery, a natural resource for students and graduates, and a worthwhile opportunity for art lovers to engage with future masterpieces of Pakistani art. Gandhara Art(Block 4, Clifton Karachi): This is Karachi's only exhibit space with a regular program led by Gandhara-Art, a Hong Kong-based curatorial organization. The organization is very active internationally and curates exhibitions of Pakistani artists in various locations around the world. In the past, they have collaborated with many institutions in other countries, notably the Hong Kong Arts Center, the Salsali Private Museum in Dubai, and more recently the Modern Art Museum in Arnhem, The Netherlands. Among the many artists whose work it represents, Imran Qureshi, who was voted Artist of the Year by Deutsche Bank in 2013, is noted for his lush, highly detailed miniatures, which he began to paint with blood-red color in recent years Pakistan. Unicorn Gallery (Block 4, Clifton, Karachi): For a gallery that specializes in the history of Pakistani painting, the Unicorn Gallery is probably the best choice in Karachi. Founded by art critic SeemahNiaz, the gallery opened with an outstanding joint exhibition featuring works by some of Pakistan's most respected painters, including Ahmed Parvez, Bashir Mirza, Abdur Rahman Chughtai and Calligrapher Sadequain. A recent exhibition featured works by GhulamRasul, an influential Pakistani landscape painter. Koel Gallery (F-42/2 Block 4, Clifton, Karachi): KOEL was founded in 1977 as a textile workshop. Founder Noorjehan Bilgrami opened the workshop as a place to preserve the once-dying craft of hand-block printing, a craft technique in which fabrics are decorated with patterns using a carved wooden block similar to a stamp. Over time, the workshop has been added to a gallery with a similar mission: the preservation and promotion of regional works of art, including paintings, sculptures, photographs and handicrafts such as ceramics and, of course, textiles. In addition to beautiful artwork, the gallery also has a café and a pretty courtyard.

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Search your home, apartments, office and shops in all cities of Pakistan with our Jagah online brokerages. The leading real estate online portal of the country Jagah Online is the place of the country's market-leading independent commercial/residential real estate brokerages in Karachi/Lahore/Islamabad and all other cities. From selling and purchasing of shops to the office we make it simple for you. Looking for house or apartment in Gulshion Iqbal or any rental property in any city visit us right now. Our by-invitation-only network is based on a trusted relationship or unparalleled performance that end in exceptional customer experiences.

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Find your new house in the best commercial/residential areas in Karachi like, Gulshion Iqbal, DHA, Bahriya Town, Gulistan-e-johar etc. You can find house for sale or house for rent at these prime locations of Karachi. You can search for houses in many localities and of all sizes (100/120/200/250/500/1000 sq yards).

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Once you are clear on where you want to buy/rent a house, you can move forward with the process. Prices for all of the houses are available on the website, along with the structure details.

Specify your Demand provides options for the visitors where they can choose the property which matches their demands. You can select the size of the house and location for targeted results. You can also choose the number of rooms and set a budget bracket to view only the results which match your needs.

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Make an account on the Jagahonline website and register for free. You can choose to register as an agent or as an individual. Once you have an account, posting your property online has the simplest procedure.
Online real-estate is the preferable choice of both the real estate broker and individuals. Bringing your real-estate business online makes your job easier, faster and lets you make more money.

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You can see exactly where the House stands in a locality on the map. The location makes it easy for you to find the house when you visit.

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If you are looking to buy a commercial building, has many offers. Now you can buy a workspace with just a little research online. Narrow down your choices before visiting the potential buying sites and save tons of energy, effort and time. Enter your specifications in the search options and let the engine do the work for you. The online search acts like an agent, only it is faster and more effective. Find you’re the workspace for sale and deal directly with the seller, eliminating all middle men.

Find a Co-working spaces in Karachi

Property is expansive, especially in the big cities. Since necessity is the mother of all inventions, there is a new trend in the commercial system. Shared coworking spaces in Karachi are an increasingly popular trend these days where people share one office for their entirely different businesses.
Not only is a shared space cost-effective but a good start for new businesses. provides an excellent platform to all such people who are looking for shared workspaces.

Search for co-working spaces in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and other cities of Pakistan.

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Save time on detailing your office interior and find a furnished office at in any city of Pakistan. It is as simple as putting in your demand in the search option and selects the best suited place from the list. An already furnished office available space can cost a little more but also save you from the hassle of settling in. You will find multiple options for a furnished office in our search. We provide an opportunity to the sellers and buyers to communicate directly and eliminate the need for a property broker.

Commercial Showrooms

Sale/purchase/rent an office place is one thing and looking for a reasonable commercial showroom is another. Commercial showrooms are more spacious so they are harder to find. is the right place for anyone who is interested in buying a commercial showroom. Enter your specifications in the search box and get a list of various options. You can choose the best one according to your demand and contact the owner directly.

Are You Looking For Shop?

Jagah Online is a real estate online portal that helps real estate broker and customer sell and buys properties including shops. Furthermore, this website has more than 1000 shops available in commercial/residential area of Karachi and other leading cities of Pakistan. You can not only buy, you can also sell or rent your shop

  • Buying of shops
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  • Much more

Therefore, one can say that we are giving all kind of services. Our registered customer can receive daily updates of the property via notification. Apart from this all this it is the largest online gateway. Similarly, all data regarding the prime location is given in the separate section.

Shop for Sale

Are you putting your shop for sale? Register at the web portal and post your shop with details of location and dimensions. It is as simple as that. Interested people will contact you themselves. Now you can sell your commercial property with just a single click.

Shop for Rent

For everyone who is planning to start their own business, now you can easily search and find the perfect location for your shop at There are long lists of shops for rent, choose the one you like and contact the seller for response.

Buy/Sell/Rent Shops

Our web portal has long listings of available shops. You can search for a shop which fits your demand and get in touch with the seller/renter or buyer. Are you searching for a specific shop?
If you are looking to find a particular shop, you simply need to enter your requirement in the search box and the search engine will provide you with a list of available options.

Find All Commercial Shops

People post a large variety of shops on our web portal including Retail Outlets, Mobile shops, Pan Shop, Milk shop, Cafes and shops for rent.
You can find the perfect location for the franchise you want to start. Find everything and anything at

Fast Running Shop Sale

Often time people shift jobs or homes and decide to sell off their running businesses. You can benefit from such opportunities and buy a running shop. Reduce the time and effort in starting a new business to almost zero by buying a running business.

Our Property listing portal is the key feature of Jagah Online. In these clients as well as property brokers also post their properties whether it is a house or apartment in commercial/residential property, showrooms, retail outlets or commercial shops. All features including price, size, and location are added to it. So you could get a clear description of the property. Jaga Online charge the nominal amount of money for this service.

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If you want a fast running shop sale or looking for a shop for rent, the procedure is that the client registers themselves with Jagah Online after the registration customers search property of their choice where they can get information about the other property and contact the seller.

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