Is It Possible To Have Property Lawyer To Manage The Entire Property Selling Or Buying Procedure How Much Do Property Lawyers Cost

Apr 19, 2019

Is It Possible To Have Property Lawyer To Manage The Entire Property Selling Or Buying Procedure? How Much Do Property Lawyers Cost?

Is it possible to work with a property lawyer for the entire property buying or selling process? Yes it is possible and we highly recommend you to hire a professional and skilled lawyer for the procedure. Many homebuyers, specially the first time buyers, consider having a real estate agent enough for a successful and stress free residential or commercial property selling and buying. However, if you know someone who has been through these matters will most likely suggest you to hire a property lawyer for the purpose. In Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, you will find a number of good property lawyers that are professional and experienced of handling real estate matters.

You can do the job yourself also, after all it needs is to advertise about your required property or contact a consultant for it and wait for the right offer. However, remember that real estate matters can be tricky to understand and handle and the process can be quite time and efforts consuming as well. Many people have tried to do it themselves and where you will find successful examples; you will also find cases where people end up buying defaulted properties and facing the consequences. Especially in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, where there is a huge number of such cases, hiring a professional property attorney is a must.

Some benefits of hiring a property lawyer for your real estate transactions are;

1. They are Experienced and Skilled

Probably the most crucial advantage of working with a property lawyer is that they are highly skilled at handling such matters. Attorneys gain the experience and skill with tough training and exposure to different kinds of cases, which give them insight into the matters that a common person is unaware of. Every man is skilled at something and a property attorney is skilled at helping you deal with your property matters and this you must accept. Instead of trying to handle the selling and buying of your property yourself and taking the risk of landing into any trouble, it is better to leave all this to a professional.

2. They know the Legal Technicalities

Property documents are filled with legal jargons that are quite difficult to understand and chances are that you will end up signing the papers without properly understanding them. A property lawyer will help you understand all the terms of the contract and aware of any pitfalls that may end up you into any possible property rifts. In Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad there have been many cases in which people mistakenly bought conflicted properties and spent thousands of rupees in lawsuit.  Therefore, it is important and safe to employ a legal resource to prevent any such situation.

3. They know how to inspect the Property

No property transactions are complete without detailed property inspection and research. Property research includes checking for the property title claims or any other conflicts that can adversely affect your real estate matter. No matter if you are buying the house or shop from an individual seller or in a housing scheme, keeping a property attorney at the base of everything is key to success. Many buyers in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad that are cheated by con agents and sellers bought land with multiple title claims or liabilities due to which their money is wasted and they end up in serious trouble. A skilled property lawyer will research the property in terms of title, liens and liabilities, bank loans, contactor claims or anything that could be a hurdle for you.

4. They help with Complex Contracts

Property purchase involves a number of important steps and procedure like preparing and getting the sale deed, purchase agreement, signing the title claim and other documents etc. In case of buying a property in a housing society, checking documents and certificates like the buyer builder agreement and payments terms along with other documents is a part of the process and can affect you in many ways. This process of understanding the property papers can be even difficult if you are buying it from a company that has multiple partners or is a trust or corporation as the negotiations and terms and conditions would be lot more complex. A property attorney will know which papers to check and tell you the terms and conditions in simple language and do the changes if something is not right.

5. They help with Proper Closing

Closing of the deal involves many steps and is equally important as the buying process itself. Many buyers are in a rush of just paying the price and getting the possession of the property and this is where con sellers and property agents take advantage. Proper closing of the deal saves you from future liabilities and miscalculations. Closing of the deal includes making new property papers, transferring of the title from the seller to the buyer, paying of the property price, appearing in front of the registrar and land records officer and a closing statement that details about the price of the property, handling and taking over by the parties. Without a professional resource like a property lawyer, you run the risk of not understanding the process properly and landing into some future trouble.

6. They make the Process Stress Free

Hiring a property attorney will make the whole process easy and stress free, at least for you. Just imagine all the work and efforts that you will have to put into the process and that also without any expert knowledge. Finding the right property, finding the right and legal seller, doing the paper work, understanding the legalities and doing numerous other tasks while still being unsure if you have not missed anything. A legal attorney is fully capable of taking care of this entire in a lot better manner and you can be absolutely sure that nothing is left unattended.

How much do property lawyers cost?

Now this is the question that anyone who is looking for a property lawyer has in its mind, how much will it cost to hire a property attorney? It depends. Lawyers’ services charges depends and varies from city to city and from case to case also’ where a lawyer charges few thousand rupees in a small town, village or city, the fee can go higher in cities like Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Second, it also depends on the complexity of the matter, a simple case will charge less than a complex or conflicted land case.




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