How will I know if the property agent has direct connection with the buyer or seller

Apr 19, 2019

How will I know if the property agent has direct connection with the buyer/seller?

Working with a property agent can be a little tricky but, realizing that not every one of us is a real estate expert, you cannot avoid working with one. Real estate managers are property agents that assist and help buyers and sellers in getting the best deal at the price suitable for both the parties but, finding the right and trustworthy property agent is no less than a hard work. There are many property and real estate agents in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad but finding the direct property agent is like sifting grain from chaff.

Working with a direct property agent has many benefits, as it is most likely that they will know the buyer or seller and will guide in a better way. However, how to know if a property agent is having direct connection with the buyer or seller? There are more than single ways of finding it out, read ahead to know some sure-fire ways of finding a genuine direct property agent.

1. Do the Research

A little research before heading forward is always a good way of avoiding any depressing situation. When looking for a property agent, look for the ones having referable reputation and clients; since everything has gone digital, real estate agents that are looking to expand their business and client base have moved towards social media and other online mediums to market their services and acquire new clients.

Google it and you will come across many real estate agents and companies working in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and the entire of Pakistan, visit your chosen agent’s website or online profile if dealing with an individual property agent and see for reviews and client testimonials. Meet the agent or the company and ask for their previous clients and the properties they have assisted in selling or buying. If they have everything in line then it is a good signal to move forward with them.

2. Direct Property Agent knows the Client Personally

Property agents having direct connection with the buyer or seller will know the client personally. Usually, if any agent, company or individual, is working as an intermediary then chances are that they will not have in-depth and adequate knowledge about the property or the person buying or selling it, which indirectly means that they will not be responsible if anything adverse happens.

Genuine and serious sellers and buyers chose reputable agents to work who know them personally and may be working with them for years. Ask them questions like for how many years they have been working together, what other properties the client has bought or sold through them etc. a successful agent will always know about their clients including their positive and negative sides.

3. Direct Property Agent knows the Property Inside Out

This is no brainer. A direct and good property agent will always know about the properties they are managing and working with. There are many cases in which people landed in hot water because of investing in wrong properties including residential as well as commercial. In most of the cases, the property agents actually know about it and keeps the buyer unaware of it and this is because we strongly recommend you doing your research about the agent, seller or buyer and the property.

Some of the common property issues include conflicts, evil or supernatural history, property rates that are less or more than what the property is really worth. Do your research and cross check the facts and information given to you by the agent, you will know if he has direct connection or not.

4. Direct Property Agent will set up Final Meeting with the Seller/Buyer

This point is especially important if you want to meet the seller or buyer directly. Many sellers and buyers have no problems dealing with the property agents only without getting in touch with the actual buyers and sellers. However, if you are one of those people who want to have everything transparent, which we firmly recommend, then this is where you will know for sure if they agent has direct connection or not.

Before the final deal or before even giving the token money, it is good to meet the actual buyer or seller of the property face-to-face. It is quite beneficial if you know the real person as then you would be confident about the deal and your decision.

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