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How to Remove Ugly Scratches from Wooden Furniture

How to Remove Ugly Scratches from Wooden Furniture

You do not need a specialist to repair wood scratches. In fact, you can save a lot of money and do it yourself.

There's a big difference between a trendy, distressed wooden table and a worn wooden table that has some nicks and scratches on its surface over the years. While the former can add value to your home, the latter can pretty much ruin your entire decor.

If you have had the same wooden furniture in your house for several years, there is a possibility that these are now at least decorated with minor scratches and abrasions. If you have children or pets, the situation is probably worse.

However, before you spend a lot of money on hiring a professional or replacing your furniture, here are some DIY wood-scratching hacks that can easily hide minor flaws in your tables and cabinets.

What's even better is that you only need a few common household items to repair wood scratches and restore the surface.

Find out if it really is a scratch:

Your old coffee table may look desperate and downright shabby, but are you sure the surface is actually scratched? Mostly, a scratch on the naked eye can only be a scratch in the wax layer. If you regularly grow your furniture to protect it from moisture and discoloration, it is to be expected that the accumulated residue on the surface will have prevented minor scratches. The best way to find out if the surface is fine is to run your finger over the scratch. If you do not feel any abrasion, it is just a blemish that can be easily corrected in most cases.


Although there are chemical wax removers on the market, you can go the simpler (and cheaper) way by making a wax remover at home. All you need is a solution of equal parts of white vinegar and room temperature water and a lint-free, soft cotton cloth. Start by removing the dust on your furniture with a clean duster. Then moisten a cloth with the water-vinegar solution and gently wipe the surface towards the grain to break up the wax deposit. Repeat this procedure at least three times before taking a dry cloth and rubbing gently against the grain to remove the residue. Be sure to turn the fabric continuously so you always use a clean side. Once you have removed the wax layer, you will see a smooth and scratch-free surface. You can either quickly apply a liquid wood polish or use those available in aerosol containers to protect the surface from further damage.



The use of crayons may be one of the best ways to fix scratches on a wooden table and chests of drawers. All you need to do is find a colored pencil that has the same color as your furniture and gently stroke it over the scratch. Once the wax has filled the abrasion, seal it with the wood polishing spray.It may be a temporary fix, but it works perfectly if you take care not to scratch the same spot again.


This is probably the best-known method of repairing scratches on wooden furniture. The method is pretty simple. To remove scratches from wood furniture with a walnut, simply brush the walnut's meat over the scratch in the direction of the grain until the oil from the nut sinks into the wood. If you cannot find walnut, pecans or almonds can help. It is important to note that this technique is more suitable for dark furniture.

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